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To support teaching and learning in the local school communities and develop local networks for professional development of educators.

Latest Courses- 

Online Summer Course qualifying for EPV days 

Chess for Social Skills

 Date: Thursday July 1st to Wednesday July 7th,  2021

Time: 9.30am to 2.00pm daily.

Chess for Social Skills is an alternative approach to current social-skills-for-children programmes and can be delivered in a whole-class or small group setting. The structured nature of chess-playing provides excellent scaffolding for all students who find social skills difficult to master as they play each other one on one before moving to another partner.

 As well as learning how to play the famous game through a fun, hands-on approach, the programme of lessons also challenges students to develop their concepts of respect, accepting defeat, forward planning, accepting compliments and giving feedback, teamwork, decision-making, patience, resilience and developing a growth mind-set when exploring a new skill.

Teachers will have the opportunity to learn how to play chess by playing chess mini-games against other novice teachers. The course will teach all participants how to

  • play chess (from zero prior knowledge) and the best methods of teaching primary school children as young as first class the rules using a fun, games-based approach
  • utilise chess as an additional resource in teaching social skills in the mainstream and special education classrooms
  • organise a school chess club, school chess team and in-school chess competitions. 

Chess is a growing initiative in Irish primary schools with 300 teachers now joined the network of teachers promoting chess in primary schools.

Date: Thursday July 1st to Wednesday July 7th,  2021

Time: 9.30am to 2.00pm daily.

Maximum Capacity:              16

To sign on for this webinar please email  stating  Name, School and Teacher No., and a Zoom link to the webinar will be sent to you. There is no fee for the course.



Carlow Education / Teachers Centre

        Wed.26th May, 2021

Time 4.30pm

Online Zoom Meeting

    All are invited to attend.

 To obtain the link for this meeting please email  stating  Name, School and Teacher No., and the Zoom link will be sent to you by return email.

This is the occasion each year , through which you , the members receive a report of the year’s past work and select a Management Committee to manage the centre for the coming year. 

 Our present constitution deems all recognised teachers as members and our present management committee is made up of teachers from Primary, Second Level, Third Level and Adult Education.

This July, the present Director will be retiring and nominations for the Director position are particularly invited.

Newly Qualified Teachers

NQT Workshops

NQT courses in Carlow are administered by  Wexford Education Centre. 

Contact the Wexford centre at 0539239100 or online at to register.

Post Primary

 How parents can support the Dyslexia student at Second Level

  Although the course deals in particular with dyslexia, many of the strategies and resources will also help when working with students with other specific learning difficulties such as Dyspraxia and Autistic Spectrum.      


How parents can support the student in the following areas

    • Organisation
      • Note-taking
      • Memory and Learning
      • Writing
      • Reading
      • Spelling and Vocabulary
    • Key educational choices such as subject choice, language exemptions and RACE.

 Date: Monday 19th April 
Time: 7.00pm
Tutor: Wyn McCormack

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