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Science of Reading with Jennifer O Sullivan, PHD- Wednesday 20th October-7pm

  1. Chess for fun with April Cronin-Mondays 4th,11th and 18th of October 7-745 
  2. Dyslexia and maths at Second-Level-11th November 7 pm
  3. Podcasting course 2 x 2 hour courses-Wednesday, 10th and 17th November at 7pm until 9pm. 

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2022-Tutors needed!

We are setting up a list of tutors who may be interested in delivering summer courses and evening courses in Carlow Education Centre. 

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Newly Qualified Teachers

NQT Workshops

NQT courses in Carlow are administered by  Wexford Education Centre. 

Contact the Wexford centre at 0539239100 or online at to register.

Post Primary

Maths and Dyslexia for Second-level Teachers

Tutor: Deirdre McElroy has worked for a number of years as an educational psychologist with NEPS.  Before that she taught Mathematics and History to Leaving Certificate Higher level.  She also has a Masters in Special Education and has worked as a resource teacher.

Date: 11th November at 7pm.

Students may have difficulties in Maths resulting from Dyslexia or Dyscalculia.  These can include poor working memory, confusion about left and right leading to difficulties in coordinate geometry, the number line and positive/negative numbers, distinguishing symbols, understanding written instructions, processing difficulties, working within time limits, confusion about the meaning of words etc. 

The webinar is designed for teachers of students with dyslexia who are experiencing difficulties with the subject. Because of this the course deals with a small selection of mathematical topics that prove difficult for students. Thus it is not intended to provide overall information on the entire mathematics syllabus itself.

Topics covered include:

  • The difficulties that students can have with Mathematics.
  • What is meant by Dyscalculia?
  • How to support students with memory and processing difficulties.
  • Learning styles in mathematics.
  • Tips for effectively helping students to learn mathematics.
  • Classroom activities to help with mathematics.
  • Resources.

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To sign on for these webinar please book on the individual links for each courses here

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