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Latest Courses-

Primary/ Post Primary 

5 Keys steps in developing and implementing your effective Digital Learning Strategy - 1 hour Webinar

This webinar will outline a variety of strategies, tips and worked examples around 5 key steps essential for schools starting to plan or revise their digital journey. The webinar focuses on the use of the Office 365 platform aligned with the Digital Strategy for schools.

Date: Wed 24th March 2021

Time: 7.00pm

Audience: Primary and Post Primary Senior Management, Middle Management, Digital Co Ordinator’s and interested educators.

To sign on for this course please email  

stating Name, School,Teacher No.& Webinar name, and a Zoom link to the webinar will be sent to you. There is no fee for the course.

 Presented by Paul Cahillane, who shares his experiences as a Digital Co Ordinator, Microsoft MIE Expert and MIE Master Trainer in developing and implementing an effective Digital Learning Strategy.

Post Primary Guidance

Exit Entry app Webinar - 1 hour

Presentation on Exit Entry app which is a free resource for students
Date: Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Time: 7.00pm.

To sign on for this webinar please email  stating  Name, School and Teacher No. & Webinar name, and a Zoom link to the webinar will be sent to you. There is no fee for the course.

About Exit Entry GC HUB: Exit Entry GC HUB is a platform for Guidance Counsellors to engage with their secondary school students from 1st-6th year, gain an insight into their students skills, interests and content within the Exit Entry app.

Exit Entry is a FREE APP for Post Primary students in Ireland to ensure every student has access to future opportunities at third level and beyond. Exit Entry educational technology company are trying to build the awareness of their app amongst the second level population, particularly with Guidance Counsellors and TY Coordinators.
This HUB can be used as a tool to support students in their progression onto third level studies but also gain an understanding of each individual student's interests.

❖ Opportunity to invite students to complete Exit Entry assessment.
❖ By permission of the student user, gain an insight into their Exit Entry profiles to support their learning and career pathways.
❖ Integrated individual Exit Entry Skills and Interests reports.
❖ Access to companies content posted in the Exit Entry app, allowing content to be shared in a virtual or physical classroom setting

On the App students can avail of a free psychometric test, which will map their skills and interests with third level college courses. We also have a 'Work X' platform on the app which gives students an insight into careers, companies and jobs, particularly relevant for TY students. Companies that provide content on our app include IBM, Intel, HERSPORT, BeLonG To, Eir, Jill & Gill and many more. 

Newly Qualified Teachers

NQT Workshops

NQT courses in Carlow are administered by  Wexford Education Centre. 

Contact the Wexford centre at 0539239100 or online at to register.

Post Primary

 How parents can support the Dyslexia student at Second Level

  Although the course deals in particular with dyslexia, many of the strategies and resources will also help when working with students with other specific learning difficulties such as Dyspraxia and Autistic Spectrum.      


How parents can support the student in the following areas

    • Organisation
      • Note-taking
      • Memory and Learning
      • Writing
      • Reading
      • Spelling and Vocabulary
    • Key educational choices such as subject choice, language exemptions and RACE.

 Date: Monday 19th April 
Time: 7.00pm
Tutor: Wyn McCormack

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