In the past two years Carlow Education Centre has completed

  • a “Write a Book” project in which over 100 primary pupils participated
  • In Tune Carlow organised in conjunction with the National Concert Hall and the ESB which included a music workshop at the centre attended by 35 local teachers.
  • Summer courses for teachers in computers, Calligraphy, Substance Misuse Prevention and promotion of a healthy lifestyle amongst students.
  • Evening seminars on Primary Movements in children open to teachers and parents.
  • Evening courses and support sessions on computer use in the classroom.
  • Evening courses for Principals and teachers on The Principal and the Law” and, “Teachers and the Law.
  • Evening courses including “Emergent And Early Reading Approaches” ; “Classroom Management”
  • Weekend courses such as “Role of Occupational Therapy with special needs children”, “Dyslexia: A Practical Approach for Teachers”.
  • A library subcommittee which has purchased books and other reading resources under the National Reading Initiative
  • Learning Support Group: gave advice on the purchase of resources using the National Reading Initiative funding
  • Library facility is developing: it includes reference books, CD ROMS, Videos



Support Groups:

  • Special Needs Resources
  • ICT
  • Other

Special Projects:

  • Write a book
  • Competitions