Autumn Courses- Post Primary


 SEAI Workshop

Junior Cycle Teachers

Date:Wednesday 23rd October at 7.30pm
Venue: Askea Parish Centre, Carlow

This workshop for Junior Cycle teachers of Science, Home Economics,Geography and Maths,
will take place on the above dates in Askea Parish Centre delivered by SEAI. The focus will be
on energy efficiency and sustainability following learning outcomes:
Workshop: Sustainable Solutions
Learn about the meaning of sustainability and how small, individual choices we make daily
can affect the sustainability of the energy resources we use:
 Science EaS7: Illustrate how earth processes and human factors influence the Earth's
climate, evaluate effects of climate change and initiatives that attempt to address
those effects
 Science CW10: Evaluate how humans contribute to sustainability through the
extraction, use, disposal, and recycling of materials
 Home Economics 2.7: Identify how individuals, families and households can
contribute to sustainable and responsible living
 Home Economics: 1.15 Investigate the impact of their food choices from an
ecological and ethical perspective
 Geography: 2.6 Examine the causes and implications of climate change
 Maths: U.7 make sense of a given problem, and if necessary, mathematise a

Registration for this event is through Carlow Education Centre (text name to 087 2079448)

 PE Teachers- Y PATH PE 4 ME

What is Y-PATH PE 4 ME?
Y-PATH (Youth Physical Activity Towards Health) PE 4 ME is a junior cycle post-primary programme which
aims to improve physical activity among children and young people through the physical education (PE)
module in the school curriculum. The programme is bought to you as a result of a collaboration between the
Irish Heart Foundation and Dublin City University.
What is involved in the programme?
The programme is available only to PE teachers. There are two parts to the Y-PATH PE 4 ME programme:
• A 1-hour online course on the Irish Heart Foundation website which must be
completed by teacher before attending the workshop
• 3-hour face to face evening workshop held in Education Centres nationally
Teachers will then have the ability to implement the Y-PATH PE 4 ME programme into their PE classes.
Teachers will be given a Y-PATH resource pack with lesson plans, posters, student journals, as well as access
to an online teacher’s portal containing digital resources to assist with lessons.
How much does it cost?
The workshop is completely free.
Why do schools need Y-PATH PE 4 ME?
• Y-PATH PE 4 Me is the only programme of its kind in Ireland
• Acknowledged by the PDST, UCC and Sport Ireland
• Fits into wellbeing curriculum, highlighting wellbeing indicators involved in each lesson
• Uses a whole school approach with elements for students, teachers and parents
• Adapts current practice to allow engagement of all pupils within PE class
• Designed by teachers for teachers
• Evidence based on the needs of Irish children, backed by 8 years of research
• Does not require any major equipment to run lessons
• Emphasis on fundamental movement skills and physical literacy
• Aims to reduce the age-related decline in physical activity common among post primary school age
• Focuses on empowerment, motivation and confidence
• Gives students the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities they enjoy