Anti Bias Anti Racism for Educators

Date & Time: February 26th 2024 19:00-20:30

Location: Webinar-Zoom

Tutor: Brianna Fitzsimons

The Black & Irish Anti-Bias Anti-Racism (ABAR) training was developed out of a response from research we undertook in 2021 which showed a demonstrated need for a Black inclusive and anti-racist curriculum within the Irish education system.
There was an overwhelming conclusion from our respondents that teachers do not have the necessary tools needed to combat racism in schools. Our ABAR workshops look at anti-racism from the perspective of centering the very human needs for belonging and inclusion.
This is not just another tick-box exercise! By sharing stories and engaging in reflective interactions, workshop facilitators create a safe space for trainees to engage in uncomfortable conversations, do some mirror work and individual introspection, and ultimately broaden their understanding of how bias and racism inform our interpersonal connections as well as our societal systems.

Tutor Bio:
Briana Fitzsimons grew up in Yonkers, NY, USA and has lived in Ireland since 2017. She has been a secondary school teacher for 12 years and also holds degrees in English and Special Education. Briana joined the Black and Irish team in 2021 and has been working to make schools across the country more inclusive for all students ever since. One of her main goals is to empower teachers and young people with the tools they need to make sure that everyone is seen and heard and feels a sense of belonging in all educational spaces in Ireland. She lives in Co. Kildare with her partner and two children and is proud to call Ireland home.