Spellings For Me

Date & Time: Wednesday, 6th September 2023 7 p.m. ONLINE

Location: Online

Tutor: Emma Doherty and Patrick Grace

Spellings for me

Wednesday 6th September 7:00- 8:30 P.M. ONLINE

Spellings for Me is an online and an offline programme. The online aspect is the child’s profile, where they log in and take a series of tests. The offline aspect is the differentiated workbook. This is a valuable resource to accompany the online program. It provides a clear framework of activities for both teachers and students. Within this framework, are differentiated activities that support the child’s learning of the errors they made online. Despite being a “spelling workbook”, it is still completely differentiated, as children print out their spellings from their individual online profile and paste them into the workbook.
The child works according to their ability, not their class or age.

No two children will have the same spellings, as no two children are the same!

Spellings for Me is written by primary school teachers, Emma Doherty & Patrick Grace.

“When writing the programme it was important that it was easy for teachers to facilitate. We are teachers ourselves and are fully aware of how busy Irish classrooms are. Spellings for Me provides a meaningful, differentiated programme for each individual child.

We lean on the technology to take the workload away from the teacher in creating individual spelling programmes for their students. We are very excited for children to benefit from their tailor-made spelling experiences”.

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